Whereas occupational accidents tend to be isolated incidents, occupational illness is caused by a long-term process. Known occupational illnesses include repetitive strain injury (RSI), burn-out and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), but also include disorders resulting from long-term exposure to harmful substances. Examples include psychoorganic syndrome (POS) and cancer caused by asbestos.

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The same principle applies to occupational illnesses as to occupational accidents – the cause of the illness must be at work. The employee must be able to prove that they have been exposed to harmful activities or harmful substances and that the exposure may have caused the illness. Proving liability for an occupational illness can be a difficult and lengthy process. After all, there’s often a long run-up – working for hours with bad posture or months or even years of exposure to harmful substances. Plus, how do you prove that this occurred at work and that your employer is liable? A (medical) examiner will usually be called upon to establish the link.

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