Injuries from self-employment

As a self-employed business owner, you want to focus on your work and your business. You work hard for what you earn. But what should you do if you are suddenly unable to work due to an accident? For business owners, the risk is often great and the damage can mount up quickly. You may have taken out disability insurance, but even that insurance will not always cover your entire loss. You are also entitled to other damages, such as medical costs, travel expenses and compensation for pain and suffering.

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In the event of injury to a business owner, there is a lot more to consider than just damages. The continuity of the business also needs to be ensured. We can work with you to look for solutions here too. This could include consulting an employment expert who can help you to map your options. Is there anything you can do yourself? What can you still do and what can’t you do? Could your work be taken over by an (additional) member of staff, or do you need an aid so that you can do your work yourself? There are many questions, and we can guide you through them.

We will also help you to identify the net income loss based on your annual figures from the years before the accident. At Novi, we are not just personal injury lawyers, but business owners too. This means that we can accurately assess your business operations and damages.

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