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Every sportsperson suffers an injury from time to time, and accidents can even happen during PE at school. It has probably never crossed your mind to try to recover damages and, in most cases, there is only a small chance of success. After all, you choose to take part in a game or match knowing that there is a risk of injury. When you take your child to school, you know that PE is part of the curriculum. But things are different if you or your child are seriously injured during a sports match or a PE class at school. In some extreme cases, such as serious fouls on the pitch, there is a chance of recovering damages. Our personal injury lawyers would be happy to advise you.

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Whether another party can be held liable for a sports injury depends on several factors, including the extent to which their conduct was part of the game. It is also often about a deliberately reckless act. If you are a footballer and you sustain an injury caused by a legal sliding tackle, it is a risk of the game. If you are seriously injured by an opponent coming at you with both legs with no ball nearby, the story is different. The same applies to a boxer who keeps punching after the bell. If you want to recover damages from a school, you will need to prove that the school was at fault by not taking proper precautions or that the PE teacher took risks that were inappropriate for a regular PE class.

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