Personal Injury Lawyers

Injury following a car accident. An accident at work. A medical error. Or a serious injury caused by foul play during a sports match. Injuries due to someone else’s mistake can occur in a number of different ways, often when you least expect it. In addition to physical, psychological and financial damage, an accident can also cause worry and uncertainty. What should you do next?

Fortunately, our personal injury lawyers are here to help. We maintain contact with all parties involved, arrange support and, if there is no other option, go to court on your behalf to recover your damages.

Why Novi

Specialised personal injury lawyers
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Who we are

As specialised personal injury lawyers with many years of experience behind us, we continue where a personal injury expert stops. While a personal injury expert cannot litigate on your behalf, we can. This makes us a reliable partner for insurers, so that you have a greater chance of achieving the very best result. We maintain a clear, practical and personal approach. We have short lines of communication so that there are no unnecessary delays in the handling of your case!

Nadine Sonnevelt has been a lawyer since February 2013. Nadine Sonnevelt started her career as a lawyer at Utrechtse Schade Advocaten. Between January 2018 and December 2020, she worked at Nuijens Advocaten. She has acquired many years of experience in her field and has completed the specialisation course in personal injury.

Anita Hanegraaf was first sworn in in July 2015. Like her colleague, she also started her career at Utrechtse Schade Advocaten. Between January 2018 and February 2019, she worked at V&A Advocaten. After that, she took a short break from the legal profession to work for an insurance company and as a lost adjuster. She was sworn in again in January 2021. Anita Hanegraaf has also completed the specialisation course in personal injury.


Not for you. We explain complex issues in a language that you can understand. We like a clear approach and short lines of communication. We give you our direct telephone number and can visit you at home, if necessary.